by Jack Spagnola
Horse Trade Theater Presents: New York Frigid Fest 2018
Produced by Lizzy Ana Lincoln & Three Hares
The Kraine Theater
February 15 - March 4, 2018

*** Theater is Easy Best Bet | Winner "Best Ensemble Comedy" at Frigid 2018 ***


director - Noam Shapiro
playwright - Jack Spagnola
producer - Lizzy Ana Lincoln
executive producer - Three Hares
stage manager - Ashley Cudney
scenic designer - Noam Shapiro
lighting designer - Paul Purvine
sound designer - Paul Purvine
costume designer - TJ Burleson
properties master - Lizzy Ana Lincoln
press representative - Toro Communications
photo credits - Leigh Honigman & Angel Hanes


Bartley Booz (Sam)
Leslie Class (Darya)
Barrie Kealoha (Phoebe)
Kea Trevett (Marsha)



In the bleachers during little league games, parents root for their children, teenagers flirt with heartbreak, and secrets quietly come into play. Darya and Sam have dated since middle school, however, with Darya going off to school in California and Sam staying on the East Coast, a cloud of ambiguity hangs over their final weeks together. Marsha and Phoebe love watching their six-year-olds play baseball, but when adult-sized questions creep into their kid’s heads, both mothers struggle to find the right answers. When these four fans meet by chance on the sidelines during the final days of August, baseball becomes the last thing on anyone’s mind. Little League is a heartfelt comedy about the courage it takes to grow up and admit you don't have all the right answers.

Little League premiered at the New York Frigid Festival at the Kraine Theater in February 2018. The run featured several sold out shows and was extended for an encore performance. The play was awarded "Best Ensemble Comedy," the "Sellout Award" for most sold out shows, and the "Extension Award" for our additional performance at the Kraine.


Theater is Easy BEST BET: While this show asks some tough but familiar questions, Spagnola, with the help of director Noam Shapiro and a fantastic cast, poses them in a new way to inspire mindfulness while not shirking on the entertainment. Despite the festival setting, which doesn’t allow for much of a set, Shapiro’s work comes across wonderfully in the small theatre. He manages to find variety and innovation directing the actors around a single bench on stage... I wouldn’t mind the addition of a few more scenes, to turn this into a full-length play with intermission. Heck, I’d even want to see it a second time myself. I’ll be a loyal fan for this team.
— Theater is Easy

"Little League: Offers Serious questions While Delivering Humor from a Top-Notch Cast," by Shoshana Roberts for Theater is Easy, March 4, 2018

Noam Shapiro’s directing performance was a homerun. Shapiro made this piece feel effortlessly natural and authentic. Festivals such as Frigid can be limiting to a production. And yet LITTLE LEAGUE did the impossible. The less is more theory was a major factor of its success. And it all started with a striking preshow image with the hint of a baseball field with the bench on the “grass” and the colorscape lighting designer Paul Purvine chose. It just worked... LITTLE LEAGUE is one of those shows you know will have a long future. There’s more to this play. This hour long snippet was a perfect way to get a taste of Jack Spagnola’s exquisite writing and Noam Shapiro’s sharp direction. I look forward when I can see this one again.
— Theater in the Now

"Hitting It Out of the Park," by Michael Bradley Block for Theater in the Now, March 6, 2018

Ordinary people but a remarkable play. LITTLE LEAGUE is a disarmingly funny, tenderly poignant and keenly insightful play about the struggle for authentic connection and the attempt of be honest with yourself and others. It is also filled with some hilarious and astute observations... It may be billed as a comedy but it has a wisdom and gravity underneath the continuous stream of laughs.
— Hi! Drama

"Little League: Ordinary People, But a Remarkable Play," by Bob Criso for Hi! Drama, February 26, 2018

...A touching story, and most importantly, funny. The witty dialogue to creates many sweet moments between the characters. The actors enhance an already funny script by adeptly taking their time with the language and soaking in the awkward moments. It is the embrace by the actors of those awkward moments that elevates LITTLE LEAGUE and makes it one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen at the FRIGID Festival.
— My Entertainment World

"Little League: A Smart Play," review by Anwar Ragep for "My Entertainment World", February 28, 2018

The staging was spare but needed no more... The play is not out to reflect cynically but to humanely open for consideration the stirrings of our hearts and the limitations of being human... The sweetly harmonious ensemble of four actors were well cast in their roles, keen in their delivery, and played well together, like musicians in a good band. Their pace and rhythm reflected, no doubt, the preparation they did (on top of God-given talents) and the care of Noam Shapiro, the director.
— Psychology Today

"Little League: A Play By Jack Spagnola," review by Lloyd I Sederer, MD for "Psychology Today," March 1, 2018


Producer Lizzy Ana Lincoln speaks with Frank Cardillo of The Improviser's Guide Podcast about Little League.

Playwright Jack Spagnola and Director Noam Shapiro speak about Little League with Sean Chandler on Episode 46 of the podcast "Your Program's Your Ticket"