by Matthew Van Gessel & Noam Shapiro
This is Not Normal Festival
The Brick Theater
June 18, 2017
Produced by Three Hares


co-creator/director/set design - Noam Shapiro
co-creator/performer/voice acting - Matthew Van Gessel
additional text - Adam Bangser
stage manager - Lizzy Emanuel
executive producer - Three Hares
lighting design - Adam Carpenter
photo credit - Leigh Hongiman



Matthew Van Gessel and Noam Shapiro team up for It Takes A Village, a hilarious solo clown show. Matthew plays Bozo, a hapless clown who discovers an abandoned baby and is tasked by mysterious forces to teach it the difference between right and wrong. But he can't do it alone! He'll need the audience's help along the way as he wades through talking heads, sentient tape recorders, and Enlightenment philosophers who all want to weigh in on what’s best. As he'll discover, the line between right and wrong isn't always so clear. Will we find a way to come together or will we tear this baby apart? It Takes a Village runs approximately 75 minutes.

It Takes A Village premiered at The Brick's This Is NOT NORMAL Festival on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

The production was remounted at The Tank on October 5-7, 2017.

It Takes a Village at The Brick Theater's "This is Not Normal Festival" June 18, 2017 


A live preview for It Takes a Village at The Brick, recorded on 6/6/17